My new portfolio page

After more or less finishing my front end certificate (technically, because I deleted my tribute page at some point), I went on to remake my portfolio. What do you think?

My recommendation is to work on CSS a bit more especially how the color schemes are applied to the overall design. jQuery animations are nice feature yet they have to be minimal or very very effective ones. Yours are nicely used. To be really proficient in all those technologies you have stated is never ending process and basically what makes a good front end developer is sense for great user interface as well as nice looking one. So front end is more art then its science. Overall, not bad, but for production have to be more pleasing to an eye :slight_smile:

Any specific suggestions on what to change regarding the color schemes and CSS? I’ve been looking at my site for a long time, knowing that it could be better aesthetically, but never coming up with anything :sweat_smile: . I’ll probably reinvent the page again in a few weeks unless I can really make this design “work” somehow.

Truth is that I’m not much of a front end dev, but I thought that’s the most accurate thing to say because I have no back end skills to speak of. Perhaps just a generic “web developer” would fit better :smiley: .

There’s actually no jQuery animations besides smooth scrolling! If you mean the hover effects in the project gallery, it’s all CSS3. Thanks for the feedback!