My new portfolio site - feedback please

Hi All,

I’m looking for some feedback or constructive criticism on my new portfolio site. I tried to do something different en go with a kind of comic book look. The titles in the portfolio section are actual links, I want to make that a bit clearer but for now I just wanted to put the site live.

If anybody is interested in the code, you can check it at Github.

Thanks in advance,



I like the comic style a lot and it’s also really unique! I just got a little bit confused about where to look when some images didn’t scroll while the text was scrolling.

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Yeah, the comic effect confused me for a minute – had to scroll back and forth within the projects to track what was happening.

I also like that each section’s title is “sticky” to a point. Small detail, but very very clever.

I like the look, i like the innovative ideas going on. Very well done.

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I have to say, this is a very original portfolio, great job. Now, things to consider:

  1. I noticed the contact section is breaking on mobile device, you probably want to check your responsive code and make sure the page is fully responsive.

  2. I would probably use a friendlier font to describe a project (in the orange square) in your portfolio section.

  3. Stories and contact heading scrolls down, not sure if this is intended. If it is, I probably wouldn’t do it myself, it looks a bit out of place, like a bug.

Other than that, it’s great, I really like the idea.

edit: The portfolio section might be a bit confusing at first glance, especially for non tech people, maybe you want to take a look at that, although I understand that’s probably like the core section of your design.


I like the look, nice design.

  1. I have done all the tutorials you have on the page. Showing them isn’t a problem but having them as the main source of your portfolio might be. I would definitely say you need to have something that is your work and your work alone, not just tutorial projects.

  2. This might just be me, but I would say the tone of some of the text is almost too personal.

  3. You have some spelling mistakes and the grammar might need a little love. My advice, as a non-native English speaker myself, use a grammar checker with spell checking capabilities. There are online tools and browser extensions like Grammarly that can help.

webdeveloper > web developer

webdevelopment > web development

pasionate > passionate

enthousiastic > enthusiastic

proces > process

there is anyway I can help you > there is any way I can help you

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Thanks everybody for the feedback! I’m going to incorporate them when I’m going to update the site later this week.

Design is good,but lets be practical some elements are so distracting and better use opacity for some colors ,some elements are eye catching due to color while some are not.