My New Tribute Page Question

Hey-- am finished with the FCC Responsive Web Design Cert. lessons && am starting in on “Tribute Page” tonight. Is the best place to do this at “CodePen”-- in the same manner as the example is done ?? or is there a better way/place in regards to what the challenges page wants to see ?? Am wanting to keep the content on a free basis if possible. Am grateful for any reply or help at all, kind regards, mark-p. :slight_smile:

what I am talking about here: “

hey @markpouncey

No, I can code in your own manner, own design but the class and ids sounld be same as given in User stories.

I can’t understand.

Thanks and Happy Coding.

Hi @markpouncey!

Your page only needs to be functional similar to the FCC example. What that means is that you need to pass the 10 user stories. Once you pass those 10 tests then you can style it anyway you want to. Remember that the 10 user stories act as a skeleton or base and then it is up to you to flesh it out and make it your own.

If you search through the forum you will see that people have gone in many directions with their projects which is how it should be because that is the best way to learn.

As long as the tests pass, FCC doesn’t really care how you style it. As long as you don’t copy the FCC source code you can style it however you want to.

Hope that helps!

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