My own first project as a full stack developer

hi everyone
this is my first project as a full stack JavaScript developer. I hope you like it.
Please check it and give me your feedback


It looks great and also very responsive.
Congratulations on your first project as a full stack JavaScript developer.:smiley::partying_face:

Thanks, I’m glad to hear that. :grinning:

Cool site! Consider increasing the contrast on those controls though. They really blend in with the background so vision-impaired people may have trouble using it.

Thank you for your feedback. I am agree with you. I’ll fix this soon.

very cool project. I’m working on my first full stack JS project too! I noticed I’m unable to logout after signing up. What framework did you end up using for this?

for the authentication, i used passport.js
good luck with your project.

Looks awesome! Where did you fetch the images for the movies from? They’re all pretty good quality which impressed me

the images (url of images) come from a database located in my mongodb atlas cluster which I created when I took the m220JS MongoDB University Course

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