My own javascript calculator

Hi guys, I finished the Javascript algorithm and data structures cert a couple months ago and before starting the 3rd cert I decided to take a little detour to dive deeper into javascript and DOM manipualtion. I have been following a few courses on Udemy and trying to learn as much as I can.

Today I decided I wanted to work on a javascript calculator on my own - please note this is not the javascript calculator project required for the 3rd certification -.

The CSS and html is pretty much copied from a tutorial, I only changed a couple of things and added an extra feature on my project.

But the Javascript logic is 100% mine and I am looking for some feedback. I am fairly happy with the functionality of the calculator - even though I would like to change its behaviour when you give it a new input after having clicked the equal button - so I would appreciate tips and advice on that.

Is my code ok? Is this a good approach for a calculator app? Is my code readable?

I will appreciate any feedback or critique

Thanks to anyone taking the time!

Your project is AWESOME !!!
Your code is readable and I recommend you to write a blog post about that (How to make JavaScript calculator with vanilla JavaScript). You can use hashnode as a blogging platform.

My suggestions:

  1. I recommend you to put a shadow for your container. You can use these generators and shadow examples:
    ==> Beautiful CSS box-shadow examples
    ==> Smooth shadow
    ==> Box shadows
  2. Also you can improve and sharpen you coding skills by choose existing design then re-build it by yourself.

Finally, I would ask you a question. Could you give me the Udemy course that you take it? Because I want to improve my DOM manipulation skills.

thank you @abdulrahman.mhd.anas for the very kind feedback and for the very useful links.

The courses I am taking are:

  1. JavaScript - the complete guide 2021 (Beginner + Advanced) by Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller

  2. JavaScript Tutorial and project course by John Smilga

On YouTube or Udemy?

doing it on Udemy, but I think you can find part of it for free on youtube

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