My Own Portfolio [notIsFCCChallenge]

Hello, could you please review my portfolio?

P.S. please, don’t laugh at the photo :blush: Because it was (like we say in Russia) “сделано на коленке”

wow, pretty amazing :slight_smile:

I really like the design, but I think you have way to many projects on there. I think you should maybe have 6 of your best that highlight your skills.

I strongly suggest not using the following:

  width: 0px
  background: transparent

I am unable to scroll down to see all your projects.

Or have 3-4 groups of projects and on mouse over it brings up a modal with the projects within that group. For example, Front-end only, back-end only, full-stack, etc…

Good idea. It looks like the most complicated projects are right at the end. They should be at the front so they will definitely be seen.

Thanks a lot for feedback)
I’ll try to fix all problems

Use a higher quality photo… or fix photo.


Not a big fan of the font… hard to read.
Or the salmon color.

At small device display, the font becomes even harder to read at that small size.

Adjust text line-height/font-size for your cards. When it word-wraps, you can see there is not enough line-height in between.

Subtlety! — mouseover scale doesn’t need to be that big a difference. A gentle magnification I think would work better.

No scroll bars? What if user does not have a wheel mouse?

It’s amazing
Thanks a lot!!!