My own Tic Tac Toe game

Hello everyone,

Wanna play Tic Tac Toe? If you want, would you do me a favor reporting any bugs you might encounter, please?

Thanks and happy coding!


I really like it. It seems the AI part is well writen. Good job. :+1:


Thank you very much for taking the time to test it and for your words! :slight_smile:

It looks awesome. And AI gave me a good fight LOL.

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You won?! Damn it! I never did! Hehehe


I’m seeing some big issues displaying it on iPhone. Tested it with my brother’s and it looks all messed up.

Do you know a way to test on many devices? For free would be awesome hehe

I really liked it. Trying to do the same. Good Idea.

Thank you! I’d like to see it when you finish :slight_smile:

which language you have used to make this

I used Javascript (w/ React) for the game logic and behaviors. Then HTML and CSS for the visuals and SVG for the animated elements.

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Its very nice.

Just one thing.
It would be better if the ai makes its move after a little delay so as to let the player make the complete move (draw its X or O).

Just a thought.

Other wise its beautifully implemented and designed.

I agree! Actually I tried but I spent much time on this and I got to keep moving forward :smiley:


i really liked it!
Good Job @SpaniardDev
Keep It Up

Thank you very much @HooriaHic! :smiley:

I was trying to win, but all my attempts failed(( great job:disappointed_relieved:

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great job. love the animations

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Thank you very much :))

Awesome! I wish if I could make my tic tac toe game like this.

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Good job!
Excellent job with the UI and animation. Great choice to use React.
I did not go deep into the code, however, one thing I did notice is that you store Constants in the state. state.possibleWins and state.board are two examples. State in React is build for dynamic data. I’d recommend dedicating the first lines of your JS for constants.

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Thank you very much @picklu!