My password validator isn't fully working

The password validator function is supposed to return true if three conditions are met: that the password has to be at least 8 character, that the password contains no spaces and that the password doesn’t contain the user name. Two of these conditions are me. But the ‘username within password’ option doesnt work. When I apply an example where the password contains the user name, thee function returns true, but it is supposed to return false when that condition is met.

i can’t see nothing Brother

and in full page view , it says .The owner of this pen need to verify their email

You have 2 problems with your validator function:

  1. password.trim() only removes whitespaces around string (before and after), so "pass word" would work in your case. I would suggest to look into regex solutions
  2. password.includes() returns boolean value, therefore in this check password!==password.includes(username) you’re basically checking if password doesn’t equal to true or false, which it most certainly not :wink:

Hello @noblegas87

When you are checking if the string includes the username, notice that the includes function already returns a boolean.

'username'.includes('user'); // true

Let me know if that helps :slightly_smiling_face: