My Past and Most Recent Progress is inaccurate

I am currently on the following section and had checked everything previous to the recent update to review that everything shows completed after completing a section and then again after a certificate. What do I need to do to get this resolved. I likely have some screenshots of the previous solutions for JS, but not for the more recent work on Front End Libraries as it is a lot easier and I don’t need it for review like in JS.

Just to be clear the Sass section is not showing all my progress either.

various challenges has been moved or changed in some way, to the point that they could be considered a different thing than before (my supposition), but don’t worry, only the projects are needed for the certifications!

anyway, I suggest you wait out this period of transition before filing any bug report, if you consider it so

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Don’t know how it wouldn’t be considered a bug, but I can wait, I will just start taking screen shots of all of my completed work even though I only need to complete the projects. Since it is not keeping track of my current work, I don’t know how it would keep track of any projects I may complete. Or another worry past projects for that matter. :upside_down_face:

Since everything seems to have calmed down, what do I need to do about the missing checkmarks and the work I did after the switchover and before I knew there were issues? I would like to have record of completion of all of this work. Thanks for any help provided.

if the submission has not been saved you will need to submit again.
But don’t worry, you can return to it whenever you want, the only mandatory part is the projects to get a certfication. If you want to have all checked out, you can do it later, you don’t need to do it now to get the certification

But, what about the work previously done that is not showing up correctly… Say from the Javascript and Responsive Web Design sections. That had all been completed previously and was checked out. I reviewed some of the one’s not checked as, I think you had mentioned challenges may have been added, however it appears to be challenges I had previously done. For instance I am almost 100% certain I had completed this Use the value attribute with Radio Buttons and Checkboxes There are many more examples, but I figured I would choose the first one as I had finished the responsive web design challenges and projects a good while back.

instead that one is new, or changed enough to be considered new. It is unchecked for me too.

JavaScript too, everything was completed and now is:

  • Basic JavaScript 107/110

  • ES6 25/31

  • Regular Expressions 32/33

If you had submitted anything during the transition period, that is the most likely to be lost.

Deflating. But thanks for the information.

there was not a challenge specific for the vaue attribute before, I think. I mean, the guide article has been created 7 days ago…