My personal CRUD project -issues with Read after class Delete(d)

Hallo. After a class is deleted (it’s stored in an object that’s been push into an array, which I dubbed n), the find code is not working. It reads on the console:

Uncaught TypeError: (destructured parameter) is undefined
 foundIdade file:///Users/myname/Desktop/practice BC/cadastro/js/cadastro-6.js:63
 find file:///Users/myname/Desktop/practice BC/cadastro/js/cadastro-6.js:63
 onclick file:///Users/myname/Desktop/practice BC/cadastro/cadastro-6.html:1

I’ve been trying to solve this issue for some time but to no avail. I tried to decrease the classes’ keys (if the #2 is erased, you get 0, 1, 3 ), but it didn’t work. Here’s my code:

let find2;
function find() {
    find2 = document.getElementById('find');        
    let foundNome = n.find(({name}) => name === find2.value);
    let foundIdade = n.find(({age}) => age === find2.value);
    let foundEmail = n.find(({email}) => email === find2.value);
    let foundId = n.find(({id}) => Number(id) === Number(find2.value)); 
    if(typeof foundAge !== 'undefined' && typeof foundName !== 'undefined' && typeof foundId !== 'undefined') {

        if( !== find2.value) {
        if(foundAge.age === find2.value) {
        if( === find2.value) {
        if(Number( === Number(find2.value)) {
    document.getElementById('find').value = '';

let deleteInfo;
function deleteContent() {
    deleteInfo = document.getElementById('delete');
    delete n[clockContainer.get(deleteInfo.value)];
    delete containerDataStudents[clockContainer.get(deleteInfo.value)];  
    document.getElementById('delete').value = '';

Thanks and I appreciate the help.

I’m not familiar with the delete, but from what I read it deletes class properties, not whole classes or array elements… is that correct?

It deletes the whole class:

By the way: nome = name and idade = age

Hi Randell. No, I haven’t.

Here’s the GitHub link: GitHub - 2bXorNot/CRUD_students_info: In this project, I want the program to be able to store, read, update and delete the personal information of fictional students.


Sure! Maybe it’s better if I address your second question first. If you want to delete a student’s personal info, you can write his or her name on the input and delete the whole class where the data is stored. I do not know if I expected DataStudent to look like anything. With regard to the first question, the issue arises after I delete a student’s info and then try to use find: that’s when I get the Uncaught typeError message.

Yes, Randell, got it. I just tried a new solution, which was to only delete the properties inside the class and find worked fine; however, the whole process was quite cumbersome, because I had to delete each property at a time. Nevertheless, is this the proper path, that is, to delete the properties?

Thanks for the help. I’m going to work on it!

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