My personal page — asking for feedback

Hi guys!

I finished my portfolio challenge yesterday and would like to share it with you. Do you like it? Should I revise/improve something?

The most challenging, for me was to figure out jQuery script for my logo icon.

Feel free to post anything you think of it!

The icon clicking has a slight bug. When the page loads and I mouseover the black icon, it turns white and the smaller icons fall into place. All good there. However, if I click on the white icon without moving the mouse off it, it turns black for a short time, the icons go up off the page and then come back. Is this by design? It was a little confusing to me.

Another strange behavior related with this icon set, is if I click on one of them, it opens up Facebook if I click the Facebook icon. OK. That is fine, but when I look back on your website, the icons roll up and the icon turns black again. To me, the icons should stay down unless I click on the white icon which should send them out of the way.

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Thank you so much for such a thorough feedback @RandellDawson!

My first idea was to program the icons to appear on hover and disappear when the cursor goeas somewhere else on the screen, but I stumbled upon a lot of bugs in the process as my JS (in this case jQuery) abilities are still quite limited.

I’ll try to improve it alongside my JS skills.

Thank you once more for your feedback! It means a lot to me!

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Looks nicely designed to me! I’m just about to attempt the same project. Not up to the same jQuery level as you but you have inspired me to maybe attempt this.

I’m really glad you liked it, Lisa! Writting script was quite challenging but I learnt a lot in the process. So I encourage you to try.

Share you project with us when it’s finished. Good luck! :v:

Hey Gorniczy,
My pleasure! Maybe you could look at my Tribute page? Do you think the code is ok? Pretty simple but a start. Makes you look at other peoples code which is a great thing

Hi Lisa,

thank you for sharing. Good job! The code seems quite clear to me. I’ve noticed you used script to style your h1 element. Is there any particular reason you’ve done it this way? I’m just curious :slight_smile: . Two things when it comes to styling:

  1. Have you tried any other background colors? Perhaps black is too heavy on the eyes. I like that you used different color for the exhibition list though.

  2. Maybe it would be better to make the h3 element font-size a bit smaller to make it more readable.

But it’s a matter of personal taste.

Keep coding! :sunglasses:

Thanks for this!
Yes I will try a different colour other than black, good idea.
Regarding the script on H!, no reason except that’s what i’ve learnt to do, so I’ve taken it out and put it in the css, as well as the bolding. Seems neater & works.
I’ve had a play with H3 font sizes too.
Thanks again so much for your detailed comments, I really learnt from them.

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