My Personal Porfolio Page

This is my Personal Portfolio Page.
I need your comments and suggestions!

Thank you in advance

Hi, I suggest that

  • Above this text: "My Name Is Luca…Functional Tester"
    you add something like an about me title, with a picture of you(if possible).
    Make point like:
    • Luca
    • work at InterUniverisity Consortium - project
  • Check colors concordance
  • Check for personalized fonts (e.g. googlefonts)
  • Make sure that under the Free Code Camp Projects all the block have the same size and that the titles are centered, you might also want to make smaler font size for those titles.
  • Back to Home button add a arrow up on the button.
  • Under the There are several ways to contact me… reduce the padding of those buttons and increase the margin bottom on each button( for better rendering for small screens)
  • Use brighter color for some sections and darker for ohters.
  • Disclamer, at this time I am not yet an “expert” :wink:

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    Not bad. The margin rule for ‘#contact a’ lacks its measuring unit. On mobile devices the portfolio items are too small: you should set for them a full width bootstrap column. I also think that you should remove the width:25% rule from ‘ul li’ selector. For the FCC button’s icon you could use the ‘fa fa-fire’ class.

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