My personal portfolio - constructive feedback please

Tell me if my images are missing because I use imgur.
BTW, why don’t I have a certification? I’ve finished all 5 responsive design projects.

Hi, I’ll give you my 2 cents.
Images seem working fine, but the text on the hero image isn’t that easy to read, I would consider using a bolder font.
It also seems more logical to me to put the menu items in the same order they appear in the page flow.
Nice work :smiley:

Have a nice coding day

please note:
1.your project link images are not displayed,check image links.
2.When I click on project link,codepen is opening in the same page better to display on different page.
3.When you give code pen link in projects, either you Full page view or pen gave pen link for some projects for others full page view link.
4.lot of top margin above " Wanna work with me?"
5.welcome section image is not going well with the other section colors.
I know how difficult it is for beginners to develop like this.
Good work!

Maybe imgur is not hosting my images correctly, seems fine to me.