My Personal Portfolio - criticism please!

I’ve just completed my personal portfolio project. Im delighted with what I have learned along the way while making it but am not entirely happy with how it turned out:

  • It seems too squashed to me, like there isn’t enough whitespace between each section

  • It is very bland in colour. I don’t know how to apply a proper colour scheme in conjunction with jumbotron etc.

  • There seems to be a bit of an issue with the scrollspy feature as it does not change the “active” navbar button soon enough.

Please offer your opinions/suggestions!

I imagine you’ll find that the scrollspy issue fixes itself when you get the height of each section the way you want it. Try using the new vh (view-height) units to set the height. 1vh = 1% of the current viewport height. Also, color isn’t always goo. I like the minimalist, white and dark scheme. Certainly add some color if you want, but don’t forget you can try out shades of grey, too!

Most of all, I think this will shine when it’s actually about you, and not this Lorem Ipsum person I keep reading about.