My personal portfolio page haphyz

just fininshed my personal portfolio page no bootstrap or javascript just plain html and css and thats because im still finding the bootstrap nomenclature /syntax confusing so i find myself drifting back to css and html … feedback on this project would be appreciated

Looks good !

I would perhaps think about improving your nav-bar I like the minimal design, however when scrolling it overlaps on top of other content like your text. While other sites do this, it is a bit tricky on the eyes when it only takes up a small portion of the screen.

Additionally, you’ve linked to twitter twice, once in contacts, and again at the bottom of the page.

Finally, to improve your sites responsiveness take a look at css grids if you’re using bootstrap, they also have nice documentation on their implementation of this type of system :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback

the twitter link was a deliberate ; the one in the contacts is for anyone to send me a direct tweet while the other one on the footer leads to my twitter profile .

The nav bar it was located between the header and portfolio page but i realized that as you scroll down the page the nav bar dissapears to so i decided to make it fixed using this code ;

position : fixed;
top: 20px;

that was why it ended up the way it is presently .
I’ll work on the responsiveness as you said … bootstrap nomenclature confuses me so i tend to drift to plain css .

Thanks a lot really appreciate