My personal portfolio page! What do you think?

Hi guys,

I just finished redesigning my portfolio page. I’ve had this design in my mind for a while now and recently decided to go for it and finalize it. I used HTML, SCSS and a bit of Javascript. What do you think?

My site is live at deployed via Netlify.

You can view the code on github here: . I appreciate any kind of feedback. Thanks in advance.


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Looks nice.

  • I like what you did for the live previews.

  • Particles are a bit overused but the settings you have for them make it look more unique so that’s good.

  • Not 100% sold on the use of pure black, maybe try a slight off-black. I like most of the colors you have, but I’m not so crazy about the icon colors in the about section. Try using one of the colors you already used for other elements. Maybe also just have the header in the same black color as the text.

  • I’d consider ditching the spinning animation on the cog, it’s a little attention-grabbing. If you want motion make sure it serves the right purpose. Maybe try a hover effect so it spins one time when you hover on it (just a random idea). If you want more motion on the page there is always the option to fade or animate in, elements on scroll.

  • It would be nice if the menu closed when you click away from it (i.e. clicked on the page).

  • You really shouldn’t rely on placeholder text for form input, it isn’t great accessibility.

The page is very nice, you did a good job.

I just finished my first portfolio page. It is very simple. This looks great. I love all the styling that makes it unique. I’m still excited when I get the vertical spacing right.


Thanks for your reply and your feedback. Greatly appreciate it! You made some good point that I haven’t thought of and I will consider them.


Thanks :). Maybe you can share a link so I can take a look at your page?

There is a lot of space between each of my sections, but I love the snap of perfect placing when clicking on a nav link.

Very cool portfolio. I really liked it.

Hey, nice website, since your layout is divided into two sections vertically, I think it’ll look much better if navigation menu came half way instead of coming 30% or so. Just my opinion.

I can’t help with any of the code since I’m brand new but I would use “Examples of my work” with no period (.) I think it reads better.

Also, I think there are typos on the Café de Kerk.
Café de Kerk is a pub for every person that breathes (if this is the sentence end there should be a . period here.

Also, Amsterdam trough (through) the core.