My Personal Portfolio Project - For now

This is my first attempt at the Personal Portfolio project. I spent about 3 full days on it. About half of that time was spent looking up how to do the things I wanted to do that wasn’t covered on FCC up to this point. Two big things I had trouble with were getting the links to scroll instead of jump to the anchor point, and picking colors haha!

Feedback welcome, I’m pretty new to all this so please take it easy :grin:

Updated version:


Good job, man! Keep going :palm_tree:



I forked it and made a handful of fixes to things that I thought were glaringly obvious mistakes.

I would have a look at the responsive design or lack of it. If i resize the window to very small, i.e. mobile phone, you have many overlapping components.

I know the first one was really bad on mobile, It was an outright oversight on my part.

Did you look at the second version where I made changes? I posted it in a reply on this thread. When I checked it on my iPhone there were no overlaps.

Perhaps I should post it on its own topic instead of a reply underneath the original?

your work is cool man, keep it up

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