My Personal Portfolio Project, needing help with a few things

Hi, I built this portfolio project mostly using bootstrap and I plan on revisiting it over time to make improvements until it’s actually a real job ready portfolio. I made it kinda silly to start with so it’d be more fun to work on so I included lots of goats, i love goats.

Please let me know any bad practices or unnecessary code I put in there. There are a few things changes I’d like to make to it and I’ll list these here in order of priority for me.

  1. Position the social media icons in the .jumbotron in the top right, under the nav items.
  2. Make it so the h3, h2 and the button are always on separate lines and centered in the .jumbotron.
  3. Make the portfolio thumbnails responsively resize so there are 4 thumbnails in a row on a large screen, 3 on a medium screen, 2 on a small screen, 1 on an xs screen.
  4. Make the captions of the thumbnails prettier (maybe overlay the text on the project images).
    5.When below 568px the two columns in the footer stack on top of each other, I want them both to stay inline.

If you have any ideas for how I can achieve these results or some feedback on design and how I could make the page prettier please share your input.