My Personal Portfolio Webpage - klaraweise

Hi all,

I created my Personal Portfolio Webpage. Please find it here:

Looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

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This looks really sharp Klara, well done! Responsiveness is excellent!

I have a few suggestions for you:

1.) Maybe throw in a bit more vertical spacing between your natural sections of elements. Like for example between your name and skills and your testimonial quote, between your experience section and your portfolio. It just feels a little cramped as is. Don’t be afraid of messing around with white-space, it’s good way to enhance page readability. The key is to just not go overboard with it :laughing:

2.) I love the way you presented your professional experience section, but (at least for me) the operation of that area wasn’t intuitive. First I clicked the arrow to the right to open a new section, then I clicked the bar itself thinking it was that instead, then I finally got over to the title headings and realized that was the trigger area. If it were me, I’d make the entire bar/title/arrow as one big clickable area, so no matter where anyone clicked the accordion would work.

Partial suggestions:

3.) I don’t know if you intended for your “Hello!!..” title to overlap a little on your image. Oddly enough I like it! But I think I want to see your completed header with photo before making a final comment on that part.

4.) You have a horizontal scroll bar though on my screen (1600 x 900 laptop - Chrome) which I’ve seen before on many fcc projects, so you’re not alone. It looks like it’s from your <div class="row"> and specifically the right margin. Now that might be a bootstrap thing or it might be something else you’ve got going on under the hood. But that would be my starting place on trying to fix it.

Hello @Klara ! :grin:

First of all, this is amazing! The presentation and some quirks to make your portfolio page stand out is what I like the most. However I noticed some things.

The first thing is the annoying extra space at the right that causes a horizontal scroll bar to appear (as @dlyons alrready mentioned). It is also specifically annoying since I also experienced that and caused me to restart my portfolio page from scratch. :tired_face:
On to the topic, it may have been caused by a lack of <div class="container"> to your grid, as specified in here: Bootstrap Grid - Getting Started. I did not searched the whole thing so I’m not sure but there is a high chance that problem is caused by it (and I know this since I’ve encountered it before).

Second thing, I noticed this when I tested it for being mobile-responsive.
The photos are covering the button. Perhaps z-index in CSS would help.

Anyway, that’s all I can say. Good luck!