My Personal Portfolio Website Project Finally Finished | Feedback & Suggestion are appreciated

Here is my project :

Brief Background : It was my first time making a site therefore it was quite challenging for me. Not to mention with full-time job i could only spend 1 hour a day on average. The site doesn’t exactly look the way I wanted it to look. But I am happy with the fact that I could complete it.

My html/css is quite messy because i had to edit it plenty of times. I searched internet and learnt new things and edited the html/css as I progressed. I believe this is not a good way as it made my html and css quite messed up. But as I have already put a lot of time here so I didn’t want to stay in loop because I wish to move on to js.

But there are few issues in which I am still struggling. I can’t seem to figure out how to make my “active” class work. It doesn’t change when i select other menu option. I used a jquery script which I found on the internet to solve the issue but it didn’t work.

I appreciate any feedback and suggestion so that I can improve further.
Thank you for reading.

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I didn’t make the site inside codepen. Rather used an editor then copied the code there. I know there are some issues which I plan to fix it later. But I wanted to move on to next challenge therefore I presented it, even if it’s imperfect. I will refine the work slowly.

haha, this is more or less ten time better than what I did. It took me 3 hours just to get the header to stay in the same place. Now I feel like even worse…

Bro, don’t stress it. You don’t know my background. While I am new to front-end development. I have been designing apps for a long time. And i had to work with developers. As a result I picked up thing or two. I downloaded code editor to learn html/css before too. But I never continued. So I had some advantages.

Problem is now I am too busy and I can only give 1 hour a day on average. This probably took me 10-20 hours.

Keep trying, you will learn more and more.