My personal portofolio!

Hello guys I had finished my personal portofolio and I want to show you(below is the link).This page isn’t very difficult because that is my first page.I belive you like it.I am very happy which I am here and help each other.Thank you for all help.If you want you can see my personal portofolio and you can write below your advice and your opinion.

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Great work. You’ve made a really solid first portfolio page. I would suggest coming back and spicing it up with a bit of css later when you can. For example some effects on hover would add a bit more to the page.

A few grammar things, you might consider changing your bio to “Hey I’m Klaudia. I am a student” and the email link to “Send me an email”. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Keep up the good work. I’d echo what @wedge has said. Also, when dealing with links for email you need to add a little bit extra to the href attribute. Clicking on your current email button leads to a 404 error.

<a href=""> is basically code for “clicking on this link will load a new webpage.”

The following code basically says "clicking on this link will open your email browser and put my email in the “To” field:

<a href="">

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The text inside one of the buttons spills out of it’s boundary, you might want to correct that. Great page otherwise.