My Personal Webpage Project - freeCodeCamp Project

This is a required project implemented by freeCodeCamp - one of the largest community to learn to code. I have complete this project before but it does not seem very good. Now I have accomplished it with better things like:

+Clear layout.
+Complete all the requirements of this project.
+100% responsive design.
+Using Bootstrap.
+Compatible with many browsers(Chrome, Safari, IE…).
+Write code neatly.
+Color, font combination.

Source code:
Any recommend to make it looks better? Please comment below, thank you so much. Happy coding!

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Sorry it took so long. It would be better if posted in project feedback. Also it’s hard to interact with code not in a page. Probably people don’t want to download and set up a server. Better if you made it a github page or copied it to codepen.

I recommend using a validator or doing view source in firefox because firefox colors mistakes red. Some validators still not updated to know web-fonts aren’t errors but still good for unclosed elements and misspelled things.

Many of your target="_blank" are target="_black"

Some divs aren’t closed.

You have </footer> but no <footer>.

Picture looks really good! Just can’t test it.