My photo in my portfolio

How do i put my photo in my portfolio?? Can Somebody help??


If you are making your portfolio on codepen, then any image files must have a URL as their source (i.e. as the “src” field in the <img> tag: <img src="https://etc.">.). This means that you can only include an image if that image is uploaded somewhere to the internet.

Note that if you were hosting your portfolio page yourself, then could simply have a folder with your images and provide the path to the image.

Codepen makes a lot of things easier in the beginning, but linking to your own images is difficult!

Let me know if that make sense!

Thank You for your info!!
But can we use the image that we have uploaded in facebook??

I’m not sure. Try pasting the facebook URL of the photo as the src of your image. I’m pretty sure that if there are any restrictions on who can view the image on facebook, then it won’t work. I’m not sure if it will work for a public photo. Ideally you need your image file to have a stable URL, and I think facebook photos don’t have this and instead load from the server using PHP (I can tell this from seeing php? in the URL of a facebook photo).

Also, check out this FCC Discussion on how to host an image that can be linked to on codepen:

thank you very much Ill check out the link