My picture does not appear on the site

Hi everyone
My name is Giovanni. I have created some HTML code but my picture is not showing. Can someone please explain to me what could cause that. I downloaded the picture from my FaceBook account to my computer, then I used it on my HTML coding.

Rather than list through the hundreds (thousands? … millions?) of things that “could” cause that, why don’t you share your code with us. Do you have a repo for this?

Some links for you to look at.


That is a local file on your computer - we cannot access that.

If you have a small app you can cut and paste the code in the window. Maybe you can just do the relevant lines of code.

The best solution would be for you to go on github and create a repo for this code so that we can all see exactly what the situation is and can make our own copies to try to fix. If you don’t know how to do that, it would be a good thing to learn as this is a fundamental tool in software development and you will need to learn it eventually.

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