My Pomodoro Clock keeps failing the test suite

I’m having some trouble getting my Pomodoro clock to pass all tests in the test suite. It keeps failing on these three tests, with the resulting error message in bold below:

  • Test: When I click the element with the id of “reset”, any running timer should be stopped, the value within id=“break-length” should return to 5, the value within id=“session-length” should return to 25, and the element with id=“time-left” should reset to it’s default state.
    Result: Pomodoro has paused but time continued elapsing

  • Test: If the timer is running and I click the element with id=“start_stop”, the countdown should pause.
    Result: Pomodoro has paused but time continued elapsing

  • Test: The audio element with id=“beep” must be 1 second or longer.
    Result: Audio element with id=“beep” is not at least 1 second long.: expected NaN to be above 1

I’m not sure why it is failing these three tests, because my Pomodoro clock seems to have all the required functionality. When I manually click the reset button and the start/stop button, it behaves as expected. The audio element I am using also has a duration > 1 second.

Does anyone see anything wrong with my code that could be causing the tests to fail?

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Hi koberyant, Have you solved the problem? I am having the same problem with my Pomodoro Clock.