My Pomodoro Clock not passing multiple tests


I have implemented the Pomodoro Clock using ReactJS to the best of my knowledge. But I am not able to pass multiple test cases. Here is a link to my CodePen:

Can someone please help me out with the same?

What I suggest you to do is to look at projects who are already complete.
Don’t just copy paste it but, think about what they done to complete it

I wouldn’t recommended just looking at someone else’s work for your first troubleshooting step. That just teaches you how to copy the code from others. Designing your solution is the hardest and most important part of coding.

You have failing tests, right? The tests give you hints about where to look. It looks like you don’t have time-left as an element. The user stories are there to help you build to a correct solution.

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Well, the first problem is that your clock becomes 00:00 when you set the session length to 60 minutes. Fixing that should solve #8. The other problem is that your clock is too fast, but I guess you were doing it for testing purposes. As bobsmith said, if you check the tests menu it gives you a clue about what is wrong (for example, “expected 00 to equal 60”). When you are really stuck you can google those messages to check how other people found the solution.

I have the time-left element, and other elements in place as per the user stories. But it seems that due to some other bug the test case is not getting passed.

Thanks for the hint.

I don’t see any time-left element in the pen for provided.

There is one in the Display component’s return. It is a p tag with id=“time-left”.