My Pomodoro Clock

Hi all
I made a simple timer (still new to CSS). I mainly focused on simple web responsive when it is viewed mobile vs desktop.

Anyway, let me know if there are some improvements I should make

Thank you!

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Hi, looks amazing when I hit run pen, but when I view it on code pen, it looks as though the background picture/design is repeated, there is a way to not repeat the background picture. I’m fairly new to using html/css (maybe been learning for like 3 months. I may not know what I’m talking about. I included a screen shot, so you can see what I"m talking about.

Best and thanks for sharing,

Astra Rai

Hi Astra
I noticed that too when running on Codepen.

Strange enough when I am running the server on my localhost, I do not see the problem.

I am not sure how to tackle that

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I don’t have a clue as to what the issue could be. Maybe you could go to Free Code Camp’s Main Chat. Look to the left margin, go to the chat room “help”, explain your issue, and request someone to review it. I did that for my tribute page and people were very helpful.


Astra Rai