My Porfolio webpage REVIEWS NEEDED

Github: saksham1210/My-Portfolio

Link to the page is present in the description of the repo

Hey, everyone. So I have tried making my portfolio. I would love to hear your views on this one.

Made using Bootstarp/HTML/CSS/JS;
I coded this from scratch.

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Great job. I really like your dark mode color scheme.

One thing I notice is that your images are stretched in the card style grid of projects. If you’re not happy with that, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Edit the images to be equal sizes in a photo editing program.
  2. Remove h-100 class from the images. Your cards will all be different heights, but your images will not be distorted.
  3. Research the object-fit property. This will allow you to define a size for the top half of the card and then crop parts of the image that do not fit. This is a good property to understand but it can also be a problem if you need to show part of an image that gets cut off. Here is a link to read more about this:

I also wanted to note that I looked at your photos on Instagram and they are great! You might want to include some on your portfolio to highlight your creativity.

Hey @csorrentino , thanks for the suggestions really appreatiate them.
I was thinking of adding some of my pics to a new page, is that a good idea?
And then i would re-direct those links to that page.

That sounds like a good idea to me.

Hi Saksham,

I think it looks really good! :clap:

I noticed your project pictures are not centered in their boxes but only when I’m looking at the full-size page.
The mobile is great. I especially like that you have both dark and light options.

Keep up the good work! :wave:

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Wow!!! Great Job man!!! One thing you can do is try to make the dark mode permanent. So if the user used the dark theme, and exited the website, the next time the revisit it, it will still be dark theme. You can try to do this using local storage. That’s all… Overall, It’s an awesome project man. Keep it Up

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I’ll try to that. Thanks ! @Catalactics

Thanks for reviewing!