My portfolio - clean and simple

Hello, everyone!

Here is my portfolio - there are still a few tweaks I want to make to the jumbotron but I’m glad I have the layout done for now.

The scrollspy works best on md/lg screens but the offset doesn’t work quite right on smaller sizes, so any tips on that are appreciated!

Graphic work is mine, with branded content copyright to their respected companies.

My portfolio!


very well put together, I like what you’ve done here… Love the name tag designs, keep up the good coding :slight_smile:

Really good start.
“I’m currently learning how to combine…” - sounds a bit lame.
“I am combining my…” - would be better (or something positive).
My advice would be to upload it to your gitHub and you can publish it there - that way you can see you how it looks (without any codepen). Also, you get lots of practice using git.

Hey, hey!
I really like your portfolio page. It looks cool. I like simple and tasty designs.
Here are some ideas about design. This is my opinion about design so you can try it or not. :slight_smile:

  • Header. it will looks more tasty if you remove border- radius property for menu items. Just try it.
  • About section. First I think it will look better if you increase font-size of

    element( description content). For example 16px will look better. + add more margin between header of the section and nesting content.

  • Get in touch section. Try to change height of input fields to 50px(for example) it will look more tasty. + You can remove placeholders within these inputs fields because you have given them name by elements.
    That is my opinion about the webpage. I really like your work.
    Let’s make web better place. :wink:

What I like:

  • Colors - well paired, easy on eyes

  • Personal logo

  • Navbar! - I generally dislike fixed navbars as they reduce screen’s height, but yours fits there very well. And looks rly good narrow screens.

  • hr tag - nice touch, I’m stealing this idea for my own portfolio site


  • Add some space around sections’ titles

  • Add one more placeholder for web development section and make your placeholders same size as project’s thumbnails in design section.

  • I feel like the text in the ‘About me’ section should be below the photo. However, if You want to keep them in one row, then I think the text section should be around the same height as the photo.

  • For mobiles, You should center the text in the ‘About me’.

  • It seems that You didn’t close your h2 tag in the line 106 of your html code :wink:

  • There is also quite a lot of text in your html, that doesn’t seem to be displayed on the page. What’s up with that?

Anyway, very nice page, congrats.