My portfolio - Criticism/Advice please

Looking for constructive criticism and advice. Oddly one of the biggest issues I’m having is coming up with content. I feel like the site overall looks decent but there’s too much whitespace.

Not sure why I can’t just have a link to my page instead of this goofy box it posted. I hope you guys can see it in full page mode. It looks like garbage with this preview box.

You can post a link to the “full” page version
Like this

I took a quick look at your page. It’s a great start. The only real problem that I found - was that your 3 content boxes (Design, Branding, SEO) need padding. The words in your first div run into the words in your second div and that makes it very hard to read. I tried this:

.skillBox {
  width: 30%;
  float: right;
  padding: 0 1%;

and it worked pretty well.

Good eye. I added that and it looks better.