My Portfolio. Does it look professional?

My Portfolio. Does it look professional?



I would appreciate you guys’ feedback on my porfolio page . (optimized for chrome, but it’s crossbrowser).

Particularly looking feedback on color scheme, navigation choices (scroll/full page, 3d effects (layers) and general style as the text isn’t final and the back end isn’t implemented yet (email service and blog hosting). I ll have time to polish it after work this week end.

I also worked a lot on media queries/audits.

You can also view my Ecommerce site with payment in test environment in the projects’ section.

Thanks for your feedback!


Its good but:

All the animations but the technologies one has to go. Its too much, and causes everything to be not fluent. Its like i’m watching a video.

The color scheme its weird

everything should try to be on one page, it seems like its too separated.


Amazing! This is the best website ever saw!