My Portfolio [Feedback is Appreciated] :)

Hello Team,

I would appreciate any feedback on my project.
I thought it looks better not have a fixed navigation bar.
Instead I have added a “Back to Top” navigation pill to each page.What do you think about it?

Thank you.

Project Link-


I like your project, if I were to give it a grade, it would be a 90.
You did an awesome job doing it, I like the features and your story.

Work On this:

  • Add more color, the page looks a bit bland
  • Add more division to the page
  • All you need to fix is the eyecandy

Anyways, AWESOME JOB!!!
Your fellow camper

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Thanks a lot Sami.
Really appreciate your feedback. :star_struck:
I will work on your points to improve the page.

You are very welcome!

I like the navigation bar fixed and I hardly noticed the pill but I think you did a great job! This looks really good.

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Thanks a lot Chuck. :blush:
Your words are really encouraging.