My portfolio for review

Hi everyone, I intend to join a boot camp for people who already know basic programming. Only 10 candidates get chosen for the program and I hope to get selected.

This is the portfolio link i used. I hope to get some feedback for future use =>


Good looking site with fun animations! It’s neat. Few things I noted.

  • Try to fit your intro section into full view port. It’s cutting off too early.
  • Give some more space between your intro and buttons.
  • On the footer, you can emphasize return to top text by aligning it to the right.

Cheers :tada:

That looks great. I also tried your typing game, which works well. But the page title is still “document” – which looks like a default and doesn’t seem relevent to the page.

Also: when I click on links in the header of your portfolio, the relevant section title is partly overlapped by the header when it scrolls into position.