My portfolio, have at it

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Great work. I love it. There is one issue I found. In your dropdown menu “home” button doesn’t work (at least on my smartphone).
Ps. I love the dark tower series

Thank you. Yeah, I know, I didnt really have a “home” to go to, thought it could be useful at the middle or bottom of the page. I still have work to do on it. I figured I would be going back to that page a lot to add new stuff that I have learned and improve upon it. I had another contact give me some ideas to make it better and smoother that I will implement soon, hopefully. The Dark Tower being one of my favorite series of all time, I decided to use that since I read it growing up when they came out(which took 20+ years) I am rereading them now.

I’m curious about the JS you use to add the img-responsive class. Your images already have that class, so why do you have that in the JS? Is it to do with the zoomIn effect?

No, it was more of an experiment for me. I figured if I want that class on all images, just do it once using jquery. I changed a lot of things it didn’t seem right. So I added that and never deleted the js. I’m not finished

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