My Portfolio page : A work in progress

This is my portfolio page :

It’s definitely not perfect. I think i got a little to hung up on the idea of having a carousel on the page but once i got it set up i didn’t really know how best to frame it as the centre piece to the page (so there’s so awkward glurge about “forging content”). I’ve had trouble getting the elements of the carousel to nicely centre in both the web and mobile versions of the page. What worked ok for one didn’t really seem to work for the other. I tried using img-responsive on the logo’s but it doesn’t seem to have really made any impact and although on wikimedia they were - mostly - all referenced as being the same px in size they don’t appear that way.

I avoided using javascript on the page as i found myself copy/pasting stuff that suited my needs, didn’t work exactly as i hoped, but then i found that i was in a position of using things i didn’t fully understand. So i used that as a personal rule for setting the page up, if i didn’t think i understood it, i didn’t use it. It’s also referred to as v1.2 because i restarted this three times, before i started following that rule. I ultimately built it all up with components that i understood and then expanded on the content when needed.

Eventually, when i’ve expanded my knowledge of javascript somewhat, i want to return to this and add nice logo type links in the footer and smoother scrolling (and maybe making it less white - which i initially did to make the page seem uncluttered but now worry makes it too sparse.)

All feedback will be gratefully received!

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It’s a great start, and your portfolio makes a great project to come back to periodically. Ultimately, you’re going to end up using a lot of things you don’t understand, but it’s not a bad idea to keep yourself from copypasting arbitrary code.