My Portfolio Page Design in photoshop done! What does the campers think?

Hi again

So ive designed my portfolio page layout and would like your feedback.I used online examples for inspiration and came up with this. I want to start coding it on Friday.

This round I will incorporate some nifty js libraries and effects i came accross.

Here is the front-end design:

Really nice. Maybe use parallax scrolling?

Thanks @jbag123

I am definitely going to incorporate some parallax :slight_smile:

@lecluecg wow I love it! I wish I could design as you do, I was wondering how can I achieve similar results in Ubuntu? I mean without use Photoshop and where can I find “inspiration” to do my own portfolio?

Thanks for the kind words. Ive never really worked on anything other than photoshop for my designs so im not sure what you can use but if you want a great tool i would recommend getting Photoshop.

For me the best way to learn is to take a layout i like and tey and redesign it. Its incredible how much you learn about font sizes, shapes and colors when you do this.

Later you will start noticing pattern / trends in design and then you will soon be on your way to create your own beautiful website design

It’s not a perfect replacement for Photoshop, but you could mock up a page like this in GIMP without too much trouble.

I happen to have a tonne of GIMP tutorials I made years ago if you need help getting started: