My portfolio page - feedback appreciated & some questions regarding navbar

Hi all,

I am pretty much at the end of the portfolio project. I still have some remaining issues to fix. They are:

  1. I have used an “active” class on the navbar, but it doesn’t seem to change the active class to selected menu (only home which is initialized as active is ever highlighted). Any help on that? I included jquery classes and the javascript.

  2. Any experts on scrollspy? I’m trying to learn to use it so that I can make the page transition from one section to another fancier. I added the scrollspy on the body and then had it point to my navbar menus. Is there something on the javascript I have to add to make it work?

Any help is much appreciated. and please let me know how it looks (any feedback welcomed!)

404 error!

Did you solve this? Do you still need feedback and help?