My Portfolio Page, feedback please!

Hi guys,

I’m close to concluding my portfolio website, I’d like opinions off fellow developers/designers . Thanks

Thank you!


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Hi there nice work, On the resume bit I can’t actually click the blue call to action it flows off my screen on a using firefox. I think instead of position fixed you are looking to use postion sticky or a javascript polyfill of position sticky. I’d also up the line height for paragraphs.
But other than that good job :slight_smile:

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Hi Tanim,

I have a large screen computer. When I click on the resume link, your avatar along with your contact details and download resume button, which are held inside the div ‘contact-details’ appear to overlap the main text area to the right when I increase the resolution, approximately, to larger than 1920px wide. The overlap appears to increase as I increase to full size; it is the ‘contact-details’ div which moves specifically.

I hope I conveyed the problem lucidly.


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