My Portfolio Page! Feedback

This is my Portfolio Page:
What do you think about it?

Hi Stefalber!

Your about button in the menu is linking at the bottom of your page. It should link to your div “Hello my name is Stefano…’’ to make that, give your div an id and then as you did in the other buttons add href=”#your div id" >About.

You could also paste your fonts links in settings>stuff for the ‘head’.

Hope it helps and keep coding! :smiley:

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Hello, I like because it’s simple. Good Job!

I suggest you remove your hero background from divs and attach it to your body and then add CSS:

background-position: center center;
background-attachment: fixed;

then remove background from # about
see the effect for yourself :smile: happy coding!

Hi Laurosa!

Really tank you for your tips! I change my About-link. I didnt understand the problem with fonts links. I have to use the library in the settings?

Hello tj9027!
I tried it! I like, but i prefer my style. I dont know why, onestly! But tank you for your tip. :smiley:

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Hi! Glad it helped!
What I meant about the fonts is that you don’t need to put your fonts links in your html document. You can add them in the settings button in codepen. If you click settings, a window will show called “Pen settings”. At the bottom of this window you can see the title “Stuff for head”. There, is where you can paste your fonts links. This way you can see your HTML document cleaner.

Hope I explained this the right way this time.

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That wasnt your fault, my english isnt so good. Tank you to explain me and for the tip! :smiley: