My portfolio page final done

Okay better late than never–my portfolio page.` The final product was the fourth or fifth version of the project. I used bootstrap for this version. I had an earlier version using flexbox for the layout but couldn’t get the look right on smaller screens.

I coded the site on my own computer using Atom, then copied and pasted the files onto code pen, and found myself having to do a bit of hacking to get the CSS to work right.

Look upon it. Marvel at it. Tear it apart and point out all the flaws.

Could you share the link xD?

Okay now you can check out my portfolio page.

My iinput(just personal recommendation):

  • Nav bar as fixed, so the user can go easily to toher parts of your page.
  • The hover color in the nav offers no contrast with the background-color

Hope you find this helpful :smiley: