My portfolio page, finally finished

Hello, fellow campers. I finished my portfolio page, with some simple responsive design, but it took me couple of days. Contact form will not be in function till I learn some PHP.

Feel free to give me some feedback.
Happy coding! :slight_smile:

My Portfolio Page


Nice, I like the design!

I really like your portfolio - it looks great!

  • I’m not sure if the “Social Me” section heading is a form of vernacular that I’m not familiar with; it sounds a bit odd to me, but certainly default to what you know to be best.

  • The Github icon in your footer is the only footer icon that doesn’t display a different hoover color, it might be nice to update this for the sake of consistency.

Overall, I like your design choices and color scheme. Very nice!

Thanks a lot, Benjamin!

Thank you, I really appreciate it and it means a lot!

  • I saw this phrase on someone’s webpage, it literally means “I am social”, maybe with hint of irony, because it’s all about virtual reality. :slight_smile: I can’t figure it out as English is not my native language. Anyway, I’m planning to redesign footer and cut the heading, so…

  • GitHub icon actually has a color, it’s light grey. I couldn’t set some blackish color to it, as official icon is a variety of black color, and my footer is some dark grey.

OMG, its so pretty and simple :cry:
i love it so much, very inspiring, no comment whatsoever
very amazing job :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks! Keep on hacking! :wink:

Portfolio looks great. I love the effect when your name moves to the navbar. Awesome job.

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Nice and simple :thumbsup:
And the colors are great!

Thanks Kev, your portfolio was inspiration for building this one. :slight_smile:

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I really like it, looks very professional. I’m just doing my tribute page and you gave me a lot of inspiration.

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woow…this looks professional…
Gave me inspiration too.
Keep it up.

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@brulyn Thank you guys, and good luck!

Really very attractive page.
The color combinations are awesome.

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