My portfolio page - Get Out and Ride!

Get Out and Ride!

Here’s my portfolio page. I plan to build code for motorcyclists. So motorcycling is the theme.

It’s pretty basic now. No JS. And only crude CSS. That will change down the road.

If you like my page, please comment below! Say what you ride and where you ride!

I don’t if it’s my web browser or not (as I’m accessing from a controlled network in Internet Exploder) but am I supposed to be seeing yellow text on a white background? If so, it’s kinda hard to read.

There should be an image in the background. It’s loaded from Sometimes it loads slowly. Other times, blazing fast. You can try copying the url from the CSS and pasting it into your address bar to see if it loads.

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It’s me. is blocked on my network.

You can use a proxy like or the thousand other ones to view blocked pages.It works by loading the page onto a remote, unblocked computer, then serving it to you from there.