My Portfolio Page.(Just click!) Let's discuss!

Отлично, обмен опытом очень полезен. + Так интереснее.
Excellent! Experience exchange is extremely useful! And it is more interesting to have discuss.
Let’s make the web better place!:grinning:

Что думаешь о моем зеленом дизайне?)

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Привет! Извиняюсь за поздний ответ.
Интересная задумка по цветовой схеме.
Буду писать мое мнение, что можно изменить, чтобы дизайн выглядел лучше. Сохраняя темно-зеленую цветовую схему. Ок?Если будет интересно можем, позже продолжить дисскусию на данную тему.

  1. Шапка. Где пункты меню и лого. Высоту шапки я бы уменьшил примерно в раза 1.3. Убрал бы текущий эффект наведения на кнопки в шапке.

  2. Блок About смотрится хорошо. Только выравнивание всего по левому краю вдоль одной линии в этом блоке. Сейчас слово experience выход из рамок.

  3. Хотим увидеть портфолио :slight_smile:. Можно вставить пока фековые блоки. если нет работ.

  4. Блок contact me. Думаю данный цвет фона стоит изменить и сделать его например как у блока about. т.е. цвета фона блоков будут чередоваться 1й 2й 1й 2й будет прикольно.

  5. Кнопки. Я бы убрал этот эффект тени- 45 градусов у кнопок

Hey @belodpav, Nice job on the portfolio site, looks great and your css / javascript transitions are well executed. Just wanted to mention moving forward you should pay more attention to proper indentation, spacing, and line formation in your javascript code. It may seem silly now, but as your code becomes more complex, this will become very important.

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Thank you very much! You are correct. I really should pay attention to that.
Thanks! :wink:

Great portfolio! very neat and creative!, I like how you incorporated the coding symbols as well. Good job! :+1:

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Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:
I am really glad you like the page.:grinning:
I will be glad to see your portfolio and other projects. :wink:

Excellent Work! I love the clean design and layout! :+1:

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Thank you for feedback! I am really glad you like the design.:grinning:
By the way what do you think about Portfolio section. I mean what do you think about the style with different colors on backgrounds? :slight_smile:

Everything is excellent! Especially the hovering color transition in the portfolio section. Great job!

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Привет, я только видел эту нить - отличную работу очень чистый. Я люблю ваш “, где это пляж” поза!

Он показывает, как вы работали над этим. Поздравления.

Обратите внимание: во время этого перевода много Googles было больно.


Love the design! Very clean and crisp, but with a splash of colour.

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Thank you for feed back! I am really glad you like the webpage.
hah. Yes, google translate. I see. Anyway I am really glad you write in Russian. :slight_smile:
Let’s make the web better place !:earth_africa:

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Thank you for feed back! I am really glad you like the webpage!:grinning:

Can I know off your opinion about Portfolio Section? about different colors I use like backgrounds for portfolio items.

Let’s make the web better place !:earth_africa:

That website is enormous!
Yeah really, I am your fan now :smiley:
I hope I could design like you :frowning:

One little thing!
The “Send” button, under the form, doesn’t seem to work.

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I think the colours look great, they’re very bright and vivid. Overall, I really like the way you’ve displayed your portfolio. :+1::grin:

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It looks great, and I have to admit that I may have peeked at your code. I may have also peeked at the code for the example project. But only enough to know that you and the example do not seem to be using ScrollSpy ( to have the page scroll.

Where is everyone finding the functions to scroll the pages? My Google searches keep returning links to ScrollSpy.

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Wow! :grin:
First off Thank you very much for feedback! I am really glad to read the messages.

You will do it better! Just do it! and don’t quite! :rocket:

Yes, you are correct. The button doesn’t work yet. If be clear I don’t know how I can access the form to any mail service. I just need to learn about it. I will do it later. I think now it is not very important thing while studying. :wink: What do you think about?

Thanks! :smile_cat:

By the way what part of web development do you like more? :slight_smile:

Thank you for feedback! I think it is very important to discuss our projects, problems, etc while learning. It makes the way more interesting and exciting. Do you agree with?:wink:

I am really glad you looked through my code. Yes, I didn’t use ScrollSpy in the project. If be clear so far I didn’t hear about the thing. Thanks for the reference! :+1:

I will change my code in the future because It seems a little complicated now. I think It is better do more clear way. :slight_smile:

I used RSA method. haha. It was hard to make the functions for me but it works finally.