My portfolio page, learnings and mistakes

Hello everyone,

I just finished my portfolio page and will be very grateful if you can give me any comments, I think I spent so much time building this, and despite having learned a lot, I used a lot of resources that I found on the internet and do not understand so well yet, which worries me if I’m not learning the best way.

Here’s my project, thanks for reading.

See the Pen My Portfolio page by Ramon Sales (@ramonsales) on CodePen.


I like it :slight_smile: Don’t worry about not understanding, it’s normal. Practice makes perfect, remember?
As for suggestions you may want to correct the navbar typo and change the Portifolio to Portfolio.
Also, try to make the project placeholders connect to the actual projects, so that if I wanted to see the Tribute page I could get to it by clicking on the thumbnail.

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Thanks a lot for the feedback :smiley: , actually I wrote the word ‘portfolio’ wrongly, I think it’s because of the similarity of the word writing with the translation of it to my native language (portuguese) and I also completely forgot to redirect the image thumbnails for their respective links, thank you for reminding.

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