My Portfolio Page - My apologies

Good morning campers,

I see now why I have 47 views and no feedback… I embedded the pen into the post.


So here it is again. Please feel free to let rip and let me know what you love or hate about it.

Thanks a ton.

Project link -

Hey @Terblanche

Sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten any responses to your design. I think it is a good idea to bump your own post in that case. No need to apologize.

Your portfolio is a mix of beauty and weird. I do like how you use the colors black white yellow green. The spinning cogwheels on the image indicate to me something should revealed when I click on them, instead nothing happens (Instinctively I clicked more than once) Instead it is only after I scroll I get to see the thumbnails.

The different shaded boxes of the image looks great but they also are misleading as they indicate a content that isn’t there. How does your website look to you when you squint for example? To go back to the Steve Job’s quite. How does it work?

Hi so my thoughts are its good you’ve tried something more challenging with a fixed background and content moving over that background.

Visually I think you sort out the fontsizes, that of the title being too large and menu rather small to click to transverse.

I tested it for mobile design i.e move resize it small, and content wasn’t flowing too well. This is where I would recommend some sort of responsive grid system like bootstrap so it the grid resizes to fit small screens.

So I would say you’ve got some good ideas, like fixed footer, fixed menu on the left and fixed background to the titles. Looking at your css I’m not sure as why you are are using vh and vw values. care to explain? You may want to check out if you are not using a framework like bootstrap.
Within that link you’ll learn about the different ways of creating layouts in css, and how to make menus responsive for a small screen.

Regards Jono

Thank you for taking the time to respond guys. It helps a great deal!

@Magwit to true about the cogs and the box shading. The cogs were a complete mistake and the shaded boxes…well I wanted to animate them, but never quite got there. I hear you about the Jobs quote. Thanks for your insights.

@Lee182 many thanks for the input. My feeling is that the whole layout needs to change for mobile. But yes its not mobile ready at all. I used the vh and vm because that what I understood the best :expressionless: Looking forward to attack the layout link you sent.

Kind regards,

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Looks good so far. U need to concentrate on font styles and try to add more space in your blocks with little added content. :slight_smile: Sorry font size… not style :slight_smile:

Thank you, funny enough I thought the fonts were one of the best parts of the project :joy: I agree with the content, it seems a bit thin… Cheers!