My Portfolio Page open for criticism

Here is my Personal Portfolio Page i made it look a lot like FCC Portfolio Page
Thanks for your time.

Your page is good @piusogbe but few things to revisit:

  1. This a bit hard to read because of no spaces between the words.

  1. Analyze Your Css code

How to analyze css code?
See this:

Screenshot (75)_LI

  • Click on the dropdown shown here

Screenshot (76)_LI

  • Then click analyze css.

  1. You could do the same thing to analyze html too but codepn’s html analyzer is bad because it misses most of the errors. I recommenced W3C validator for analyzing html.
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Thanks a lot for this, will do

I analysed my css the way you said and there was no error

No, There is an error see this:
Screenshot (78)

Unexpected duplicate “height” Line 57

Alrady started my Product Landing Page here are pictures of the Product i’ll be working on

Okay what am i supposed to do

@piusogbe Your page look nice :+1:. But few things to revisit:

  1. The id value[contact] is duplicated on your page.
  2. Run your code through W3C Validator.There are few errors.
  3. Make your page responsive. Remember, the R in RWD stands for Responsive.

Thanks a lot, will do

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If you can put it up on a webpage, via FTP, or maybe with Netlify, you will be able to run Lighthouse, which will highlight some issues for you on a number of points, performance, accessibility, best practices, etc.

I also recommend you use a website to help you find colors that coordinate. Right now you have a lot of colors that don’t seem related in any way, so they clash and it brings down the experience of your site. I recommend choosing one color you like, then putting that into the color coordinating website, and generating the rest of your colors from that. I personally use, but there are others. There are also gradient websites to choose from. A tip on colors is to use HSLA, rather than HEX. You can select a single hue (H), and get many colors that will coordinate, just by changing the saturation (S), brightness (L), and opacity (A).

Correct it @piusogbe . Since it’s a duplicate there must be a first occurrence. Do something about that

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