My portfolio page - please comment

Well, here it is. My portfolio page:

I know it needs more graphics. I am a little iffy about using any graphics I don’t 100% own the rights too, especially on my portfolio page.

Also, I plan to fill out the About Me section at some point.

I will be tinkering with it for a long while to come but if there are any suggestions please, I will welcome them

For photos check out Unsplash. It’s got tons of pictures from professional photographers you can use freely for any purpose, commercial or not. Course it’s polite to give attribution.

I would study typography. The fonts you use go a long way towards giving a professional image, which is what I feel a portfolio page should do. It is aimed at potential clients after all. The ebook Professional Web Typography is a great place to start. It’s a quick read with tons of lessons you can instantly apply.

Thanks for the advice. Already changed the font. Was aiming for not too formal but think I missed. And will check out that book.


I’ll preface with my eye for design is weak at best.

I think my only critique is that portfolio thumbnail things are a bit large and same for the social icons. They’re just a little too in my face.

I think I’d also add a bit of white space between each section just to space things out a little bit more.

Other than that, it looks clean and effective!