My portfolio page... please give me some pointers

I have a couple of problems here.

First - my header links don’t line up in the document - About works - but then Projects and Contact don’t match up.

Second - my contact link buttons - can’t seem to make the links work.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey @Mackage666

Your page looks nice, love the ‘rock’ theme.

Considering your questions, i am not quite sure what you mean with the header links because on my end it looked good. However, i was able to fix your second problem by adding target="_blank", see the code below

a href=“” target="_blank">FreeCodeCamp

you can try this with the other buttons as well.

Cheers and good luck!

Thank you! I noticed that with the small screen here they work - when full screen editors view they are all jacked up. Thanks for the code!