My Portfolio-Page Project Please Feedback

Finally, I completed Responsive Web Design Certificate. This is the biggest and last project I’ve done at this stage.
Unfortunately, I may have made mistakes because I did my project for a long time and at intervals. I would be very happy if you report any errors you see.

Here is my Portfolio-Project:

Let me open it myself, I will do the hamburger menu in my projects when I learn javascript. I know this shortcoming.

Thank you all in advance.
I’m also happy that I got my certificate :slight_smile:

I guess you have unclosed section.
I may be mistaken - it’s alot of sections here.
But validator reports it.
Consider use validator to double-check.

Thank you so much.
I saw now.
I forgot to close off the header- title in the about me section.
I fixed it.

Hello Mustafa

just wanted to say you already have an eye for color and layout.
The site is clean and pleasing to look at, well balanced animation effects.

Power up your JavaScript/ React skills and I can see you becoming a great Frontend Developer.

Good luck on your journey


Hello Daniel

Thank you for your good thoughts.
I am trying to apply what I have learned. Sometimes I do, sometimes I can’t. I’m looking into how other people are doing it. I draw the parts of the designs that I like with microsoft paint. Then I try to do it as html and css. I watch videos and courses, read documents. I’m trying to learn on my own :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to learn javascript through a course. When the course is finished, I will complete the javascript course on freecodecamp. And I will continue like this with react.
In short, there is much that I do not know and the road is long. I try to move forward by overcoming obstacles.
Thank you.
Kind regards.

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