My Portfolio Page Review

Hi friends, I’ve just finished my portfolio page. Please review and comment on it so that I can further improve it.
Here is the link to my portfolio page on codepen

have you had past experience in coding

i know the basics of other programming languages but i dont think i 'm good at it though.

i suck at coding, i keep seeing other people portfolios and going that looks good, it looks good though except the nav bar with the about section cuts of the text. You could probably fix that by making your font size bigger or you could have a look at these solutions how ever i could not get them to work for me, good luck :slight_smile:

hi, goldy thanks i was able to fix the problem about the section being cut off.

looks good, how did you do that?

with the help of the link you provided

haha glad it helped :sunny:

yeah, thanks again but if i may , i’d like to add a question:
the transition from zooming the image doesn’t seem to work for me. can you help me with that?

im sorry to say it, i have no clue, this is my fifth day of coding, you could try a post on subject help for that, you get more experienced people on that area